We do it for our planet

DONCHAMP® always pays attention to the environmental risks that may be brought to the surroundings during the production process, popularised the concept of environmental protection among employees, and strives to achieve green manufacturing, energy saving and emission reduction. The company invests environmental protection funds every year to improve environmental protection facilities, implement environmental protection governance, and conduct regular inspections and verifications of main environmental monitoring items and product compliance to achieve harmlessness throughout the production process. DONCHAMP® believes that green mountains and green waters, and the fragrance of birds and flowers are the best assets left to future generations. This is the responsibility and the action of the company!

Environmental protection

Wastewater treatment

The company's wastewater is mainly domestic wastewater. After the treatment reaches the standard, it will take over the discharge of the Binjiang Sewage Treatment Plant.

Waste gas treatment

The waste gas produced by the company is mainly non-methane total hydrocarbons, which are discharged up to the standard after being passed through the activated carbon adsorption device and the resin adsorption and desorption device.

Waste disposal

In accordance with the requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations, the hazardous waste generated by the company is entrusted to a qualified unit for harmless disposal.

Hazardous waste management

The safety and health company controls the potential safety hazards that employees may encounter through correct design, engineering and management control, preventive maintenance and safety work processes, and provides appropriate personal protective equipment, continuous safety training and emergency drills to protect the safety of employees healthy.

Complimenting the environment

DONCHAMP® acrylic is one of the leading highest qualities & most versatile plastics. It can take general wear & tear workshop treatment & is easy to machine.

DONCHAMP® acrylic is incorporated within finished products, for a wide variety of applications, in the segments such as transport, signage, aquariums, swimming pools, furniture, exhibitions & POP, sanitary ware, domestic applications, with also commercial architecture & construction, industrial applications, and a wide range of lighting applications.
DONCHAMP® Technology has passed ISO14001 environmental management system, FDA food contact level certification, SGS system certification, Sony GP system certification, and products and materials comply with EU RoHS Directive, REACH Act and other relevant regulations and environmental substance control requirements.