DONCHAMP® Lucent - LumiBloc

Integrated LED Solutions

DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) is an innovative specialty development from the DONCHAMP Acrylic Group, specifically designed for signage applications. DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) acrylic has a unique optical performance with a light transmittance level of zero percentage (0%) when back illuminated. When unilluminated, the DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) acrylic appears as a bright, gloss white acrylic, where with illumination, the product remains as gloss white acrylic, exhibiting 0% illumination / light transmission.


In a fabricated signage letter application as the letter returns, the DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) White 4603 reflects the LED illumination from the edges, then creating a higher concentration of illumination through the front of the letter.
DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) remains the same in being a gloss solid colour, exhibiting zero percent light transmission, during illumination.
DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) enhances the letters surface illumination & the attention to the message of the illuminated sign.

Optimum LED illumination through the letter front surface.
Excellent light reflecting properties, once illuminated.
Superior gloss white color appearance, in night & daylight.
Extended product life: 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on UV stability.
Easy to shape/thermoform into cosmetically pleasing curves.
Eliminates letter edge hot spotting issues.
Eliminates fabricated metal edges.
Excellent light reflecting properties, creating the optimum level of transmission.
Magnificent partner to DONCHAMP® Lucent (4215) translucent white (opal).
Requiring reduced LEDs for maximum results & higher energy efficiencies.
Limited maintenance, no pin spotting/hot spots on the letters edge.
• Good surface hardness (opposed to other plastic polymers).
DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) increases the intensity of the surface illumination, through reflecting the light from the edge.
Light weight (approx. half the weight of glass).
Good impact resistance, available in a variety of thicknesses.
Specially formulated for solutions in signage & illuminated applications.
Superior cast acrylic finish (no manufacturing lines & inclusions).
Easy to cut & fabricate.
Excellent surface hardness.


Fabricated letter signage.
Signage backing substrate, no chance of noticing fixings from behind.
Feature walls/wall cladding.

Surface Finish:

Velvet V1

Std. Dimensions/panel sizes:

2440mm x 1220mm
3050mm x 2050mm

Standard thicknesses:

3.0mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm & 10mm.


Pressure Sensitive PE film & Paper Masking on request.

Grades available:

DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) White 4603
DONCHAMP® Lucent (LumiBloc) White 4603V1 – Velvet finish one side

DONCHAMP®️ Lucent - LumiBloc

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