DONCHAMP®️ Cast Acrylic Sheet

Complimenting the environment

Mechanical engineers, construction co., transport producers & POP / exhibition displays, all need to meet rising demands. Protective equipment has to offer durability, safety & security, whilst also providing an appearance that harmonizes with the application.

That is why these professionals often choose DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet/block, for machine guards, glazing in the transportation & construction sector (aquariums & noise barriers), for ice-rink barriers in ice hockey stadiums, or in security applications in stores.

DONCHAMP® acrylic is one of the leading highest qualities & most versatile plastics. It can take general wear & tear workshop treatment & is easy to machine. DONCHAMP® acrylic is incorporated within finished products, for a wide variety of applications, in the segments such as transport, signage, aquariums, swimming pools, furniture, exhibitions & POP, sanitary ware, domestic applications, with also commercial architecture & construction, industrial applications, and a wide range of lighting applications. The quality and distribution of light & energy efficiency with an LED light source are key requirements in modern lighting systems. DONCHAMP ACRYLIC GROUP No. 186, Tongjiang Road, Economic Development Zone, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China 225400 TEL: 0086-523-8767-6689, Fax: 0086-523-8796-8846 DONCHAMP® acrylic is the ideal substrate to meet these requirements. Its properties – unsurpassed transparency & brilliance, with a variety of surfaces, ease of thermo-forming - meet majority of the technical & design requirements of lighting engineers & illuminated advertising/signage, lighting manufacturers & architects.
DONCHAMP® engineers our products, for applications with the demand for market compliance in all relevant health & safety aspects. Due to the manufacturing process, DONCHAMP® acrylics contain no plasticizers, heavy metal salts or halogens, & no levels of chlorine.

The DONCHAMP® acrylic basic chemical structures contain no nitrogen compounds or bisphenol A. DONCHAMP® acrylic normally emits no toxic or cancerogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, even in the application of above the service & distortion temperature (around 100 degrees Celsius).

Due to the chemical chain structure, DONCHAMP® acrylic does not have any chemical reaction to water & we engineer its use in aquatic applications. DONCHAMP® acrylic solid sheets are extremely resistant to normal mechanical methods during installation & in application. DONCHAMP® acrylic solid sheets offer eleven times the impact strength of conventional domestic glass.
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