DONCHAMP® (Jiangsu) Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a premium worldwide manufacturer of cell cast & extruded PMMA acrylic sheet & block products sold under the DONCHAMP ® . DONCHAMP® are the largest single global manufacturer in one site location (60,000 tons capacity). DONCHAMP® produce from 2.0mm - 750.0mm currently, with a unique product portfolio, supplying a wide range of markets. DONCHAMP® are China's leading producer, with our success being based on manufacturing quality finished substrates, fit for application products with an extended design life.

Core Advantages

Perfect supply chain system

Sheet supply and processing services, installation and construction after-sales guarantee

Strong scientific research and technical team

Leading the formulation of 3 national standards, 2 industry standards, 1 international standard, and more than 40 patents authorized by the provincial R&D center

Excellent design team

Senior and first-level designers account for 70% of the industry for more than 8 years, deepen the design of large-scale construction projects across the country, data support

Advanced processing equipment technology

Five-axis engraving machine large-scale intelligent drying room protoplasm composite process

Superb engineering installation team

Senior engineers reach 10% of the team, intermediate engineers and 20% junior engineers have multiple sets of efficient and high-quality construction plans

Intimate after-sales service

Respond within 24 hours to provide professional underwater polishing services to solve the scratch problem that has plagued the aquarium for many years