Cast Impact Modified, tailored glazing solutions.

DONCHAMP® Repel cast acrylic sheet has an increased impact resistance to standard cast acrylic, to meet with the requirements of general impact glazing. DONCHAMP® Repel is a specially developed acrylic grade, which has a high surface finish, unique strength & impact resistance (Tensile Strength 5mm – 65.4 Mpa – ASTM D638), good optical properties, high mechanical properties & rigidity, simple to fabricate (cut, bend & polish) whilst enhancing the cosmetic appearance of any architectural feature. DONCHAMP® Repel has a further advantage in it is easy thermoforming/moulding characteristics, enabling high mould definition, with quicker production cycle times, further increasing productivity, with approx. 15% lower energy consumption and reduced manufacturing defects. As mentioned DONCHAMP® Repel has shorter production cycles due to reduced heating times & with the further advantage of the forming temperature also being lower. DONCHAMP® Repel has a denser solid surface of any thermoplastic, enabling it to be easy to clean. DONCHAMP® Repel – the choice for impact resistance applications:


Excellent advanced strength / high mechanical properties & surface hardness.
Unique thermoforming properties enabling high definition & even wall thickness.
Easy to clean & maintain.
Clear, plus a contemporary colour range, with colour matching available.
Good optical properties (Light transmission 86.67% ASTM D1003/A).
Engineered to 30-year design criteria.
High rigidity / dimensional stability.
Exceptional UV stability (30-year clear acrylic manufacturer’s warranty).

Specialty Properties - DONCHAMP® Repel

Flat panels to size available.
Impact resistance in meeting high traffic safety standards.
Unique thermoforming definition achievable.
Good chemical resistance against domestic cleaners.
Good consistent wall thickness.
Reduced moulding temperatures, less energy costs.
Increased cycle times & efficiency.
30 Year limited UV Clear warranty against yellowing & discoloration.
High gloss & matte/satin surface finish is available.
Simple to fabricate (cut, polish, drill, routing, laser cut) in cast acrylic.
Good optical clarity.
Excellent surface hardness.
Less than 1% content residual monomer, resulting from our raw material (MMA) curing.
Strict permissible level of inclusions/defects, DONCHAMP has KPI’s of supplying the highest optical level.
High rigidity, reducing support infrastructure.
DONCHAMP assists with concept design, technical design & has inhouse engineering capabilities.
100% recyclable product.
Light surface marks on DONCHAMP® Repel can be polished & marks removed.


Std. Dimensions/panel sizes:
(Cut to Size Panels also available)

2430mm x 1210mm 2770mm x 1860mm
2440mm x 1220mm 2980mm x 1480mm
2460mm x 1230mm 3080mm x 1580mm
2470mm x 1250mm 3080mm x 2080mm
2530mm x 1310mm
2530mm x 1700mm

Standard thicknesses:
2.5mm – 10mm (other gauges also available on request).

Pressure Sensitive PE thermoformable film

DONCHAMP® Repel is well suited for applications such as public walkways, protection glazing, skylights & domes, motorcycle screens, vending machines, bus shelter glazing, machine guards, caravan windows, signs, as well as more custom designs in POP displays, due to its improved impact resistance, excellent thermoformability, the dimensional stability (with limited reversion/shrinkage levels) & good chemical resistance against domestic cleaners.

Transporting DONCHAMP® Repel panels is simple, with its unique impact resistance & lower weight.

DONCHAMP® Repel through its unique manufacturing process has one of the highest substrate surface hardness, enabling ease of use in domestic/commercial high traffic applications.


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