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DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) is a specialty development from DONCHAMP, acrylic group, creating two impressions within the one DONCHAMP® acrylic product. When unilluminated the DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) acrylic panel appears as a standard colour during daylight and in the evening, once LED illuminated it appears as a bright, vibrant white acrylic panel.


DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) has a velvet texture (P99) on one side (V1) to assist in the vibrant diffusion of the LED light source.
Principle colour is translucent, diffusing natural light maintaining its primary color, when illuminated it transmits the colored wavelength of the artificial LED light.
DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) creates two effects with one DONCHAMP® product.
Optimum LED backlit illumination.
Excellent light reflecting properties, once illuminated.
Superior color appearance in transmitted light.
Long product life: 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on UV stability.
Easy to shape/thermoform into cosmetically pleasing curves.
Eliminates hot spotting issues.
No light refraction & reflection.
Excellent light reflecting properties creating the optimum level of transmission.
Requiring minimal LEDs for maximum results & highly energy efficient.
Limited maintenance, no pin spotting/hot spots.
Good mechanical strength.
Good surface hardness (opposed to other plastic polymers).
DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) increases the intensity of the illumination, through developed light scattering surface diffusion technology.
DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) assisting with the issue of sign pollution.
Light weight (approx. half the weight of glass).
Unique & excellent safety benefits for high traffic areas.
Good impact resistance, suitable alternative to glass in a variety of applications.
Specially formulated for solutions in signage & illuminated applications.
High quality inspection.
Excellent light transmission & diffusion enabling optical clarity.
Superior cast acrylic finish (no manufacturing lines & inclusions).
Easy to cut & fabricate.
Excellent surface hardness, no fingerprinting.
Approx. eleven times more break resistant than glass.
DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) is currently available in Black/White, Blue/White & Grey/White.


Effective DONCHAMP® Lucent (TwinColour) applications: partitioning within the light box, ability to illuminate different areas at separate times. Hidden information visible when illuminated.
Signage, machine components, feature walls, lighting etc.


Grades Available:
TwinColour 5904V1 (Black/White)
TwinColour 5926V1 (Grey/White)
TwinColour 3400V1 (Blue/White)

Surface Finish:
Velvet 1 side (V1) / Gloss

Std. Dimensions/panel sizes:
2440mm x 1220mm
3050mm x 2050mm

Standard thicknesses:
3.0mm, 4.5mm & 6.0mm

Pressure Sensitive PE film & Paper Masking on request.

See full table of color options and grades

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DONCHAMP® Lucent TwinColour

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