Integrated Solutions – velvet & gloss surface tones, engaging colours, enabling creative POP designs…

DONCHAMP® POP Candy acrylic panel is a specially developed acrylic, designed to reinvigorate the POP design market. DONCHAMP® POP Candy is a highly cosmetically appealing opaque colored panel, in engaging colours, with a smooth velvet finish on 1 side. DONCHAMP® POP Candy is an excellent solution for a high traffic commercial environment, with good mechanical properties & high rigidity, not exhibiting untidy fingerprints with its smooth velvet finish, whilst also being simple to fabricate, cut, bend & shape. DONCHAMP® POP Candy meets with interior design trends, with its smooth tones & alluring cosmetic appearance.


DONCHAMP® POP Candy is the ideal solution to create memorable POP displays:

10-year manufacturer’s limited UV warranty, excellent UV stability.
Excellent attractive colour range.
Wide variety of thicknesses & dimensions available.
Good Strength/mechanical properties.
Excellent surface hardness, less prone to scratching & fingerprinting.
Easy to clean & maintain.
Superior optical properties.
High Rigidity & Dimensional stability. .
Light weight.
100% recyclability.
Compatible with vinyl graphic films.
Two standard sheet sizes available.
Low weight - half the weight of glass / 11 times the impact strength of glass.


Color Availability :
Color range & samples available on request.

Surface Finish :
Velvet 1 side & Gloss 1 side

Std. Dimensions/panel sizes :
2440mm x 1220mm.
3050mm x 2050mm

Standard thicknesses :
3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm and 10.0mm (others available on request)

Masking :
Pressure Sensitive PE film

Distinctive, yet subtle appearance on the surface, with a heightened intensified of color. DONCHAMP® POP Candy is available in new sensational colours, with the diverse flexibility of being displayed as soft velvet finish or with a striking gloss appearance.  Vibrant colors attractively highlighted, as the clear winner in creating a display with elegance, yet eye catching. DONCHAMP® POP Candy acrylic is focused on vibrant, contemporary colour, with a sweet, satisfying appearance. Subtle on one surface and intense on the other:

The colour bursts to your attention, whilst maintaining its subtleness.
High optical finishes.
Enabling new POP designs.
Easy to fabricate.

Enhance your POP / displays, shop fit & exhibition with DONCHAMP® POP Candy acrylic. Available in a range of subtle & vibrant colours, the cosmetic surface finish creates attention in the application. Routing, drilling, bonding, polishing & thermoforming is simple, with no unique tools or techniques.


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