DONCHAMP®️ ImagePlus Cast Acrylic Sheet

– UV Protection

DONCHAMP® ImagePlus cast acrylic sheet is a new developed specialty grade acrylic, which is highly weather resistant (30-year limited manufacturer’s warranty), excellent clarity & optical properties, easy to fabricate (cut, bend & polish) whilst virtually eliminating any UV transmission.

DONCHAMP® ImagePlus is the perfect solution for various applications including:
Picture framing (general)
Conservation framing
Museum Cases
Display Cases
Poster Advertising Protection


Grades available:

DONCHAMP® ImagePlus Gloss
Further grades are in development & available soon.

Specialty Properties are:

Specially formulated, no surface coating on standard grade.
UV protection, blocking over 99% UV transmission (377 nm the UV transmission is 0).
30 Year limited UV warranty against yellowing & discoloration.
Excellent light transmission & optical clarity.
Superior cast acrylic finish (no manufacturing lines & inclusions).
Shatter resistant, protecting yourself & your valued art/images.
Easier to transport (approx. eleven times more break resistant than glass).
100% recyclable product.
No colored (green) tinge, crystal clear.
Remove light surface marks/scratches by polishing.
Excellent safety benefits for high traffic areas.


Standard Product Range:



2.0 - 6mm (others available on request)

Sheet Dimensions:

2440mm x 1220mm / 2440mm x 1830mm x / 3050mm x 2050mm
Pressure Sensitive Paper – (Printed Paper 1 side) or (Plain Paper 2 sides).
Protective Masking - PE Masking / Paper Masking available.

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UV radiation from sunlight or artificial light, can be destructive to alternative material substrates causing color fading, lowering of mechanical properties/strength, with the appearance of deterioration.

DONCHAMP® ImagePlus enables protection against 99% of harmful UV transmission (testing based on 3mm thickness).

DONCHAMP® ImagePlus level of protection is far superior to that of glass, it is easier to fabricate (cut, polish & thermoformable) enabling more flexibility in product design.

DONCHAMP® ImagePlus having a greater strength than glass, it is easily shipped, to long distance locations, with approx. eleven times the break resistance & lower weight. Light surface marks on DONCHAMP® ImagePlus can be polished & marks removed.
DONCHAMP® ImagePlus through our unique manufacturing process has one of the highest surface hardness, enabling ease of use in various commercial applications.

DONCHAMP® SurfaceGuard has an abrasion resistant surface coating (pencil hardness 6H), available on both 1 and 2 sides (S1 & S2), to create added protection against surface marks in high traffic areas. This enables definite product advantages, with the unique protection of your valued artwork or museum piece.

DONCHAMP® SurfaceGuard acrylic panel is a specialty developed acrylic grade, which is highly abrasion/mar resistant (pencil hardness 6H), exceptional chemical resistance, excellent clarity & optical properties, exceptional mechanical properties & rigidity, simple to fabricate, whilst meeting with the difficult challenges of public glazing applications.


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