GreenTick™ cast acrylic sheet is a recent proprietary development in specialty acrylics, utilizing innovative technology by incorporating both recycled & virgin raw materials, into a premium quality finished product.

Green Tick™ are leaders in the innovation of acrylic sheet products, with our production management identifying a recycling process, enabling the reproduction of a sustainable acrylic sheet product. Green Tick™ acrylic invested in the further research to create a proprietary process of regeneration of acrylic sheet waste, into a high performing cast acrylic sheet product.

Green Tick™ is enabling the new generation of sustainable acrylic production, creating an environmental choice with the goal of assisting in the protection of our planet. The Green Tick™ proprietary process, simply enables scraps/waste to be chemically altered, further enabling the initial product to be regenerated back into a new sustainable finished material.

Environmental factors

We believe that the use of waste into society is an important process in addressing a sustainable environmental future. Currently plastic products are widely regarded as throw away items, where Green Tick™ enables:

Utilisation of scrap/waste, giving a new life to a finished product.
Reduced consumption of new raw materials.
Reduced demand for landfill.
Contribution to the protection of the environment.
Free of VOC & HFC.
The GreenTick manufacturing process, substantially reduces our environmental impact.
GreenTick contains no hazardous substances such as heavy metals, hormone type products (bisphenol A) & no CFC or PCB like products.


GreenTick™ acrylic has excellent optical clarity, good mechanical properties, exceptional surface finish, is simple to fabricate (cut, bend & polish), superb ink & paint adhesion, whilst virtually eliminating the current environmental issue, by utilizing waste & scrap.

GreenTick™ has minimal effect on the environment, reducing our generations environmental footprint, making it the logical choice in acrylic POP/display fabrication.

GreenTick™ production is with a unique process which reduces the consumptions of water & energy, generating less CO2 emissions, further reducing our carbon footprint.


Mechanical engineers, construction co., transport producers & POP / exhibition displays, all need to meet rising environmental demands. Protective equipment has to offer durability, safety & security, whilst also providing an appearance that harmonizes with the application. That is why these professionals often choose Green Tick™ acrylic sheet, for machine guards, glazing in the transportation & construction sector, for ice-rink barriers in ice hockey stadiums, or in store security applications. Green Tick™ acrylic is one of the leading RMMA quality & versatile plastic substrate. It meets with general wear & tear & is easy to machine & fabricate. Green Tick™ acrylic applications are segments such as POP, display & signage, furniture, exhibitions & transport, domestic applications, with also commercial architecture & construction, industrial applications, and a wide range of lighting applications. The quality and distribution of light & energy efficiency with an LED light source are key requirements in modern lighting systems.

GreenTick™ is the perfect solution for diverse applications including:

Picture framing
POP Displays
Exhibit displays
Display cases
Poster advertising protection

Grades available:

GreenTick™ Gloss (with further grades in development).

Specialty Properties are:

Specially formulated proprietary technology.
Excellent light transmission & optical clarity.
Perfect cast acrylic finish (no manufacturing lines & inclusions).
Good mechanical properties - shatter resistant.
100% recyclable product.


GreenTick™ acrylic is the ideal substrate to meet these requirements. Its properties – unsurpassed transparency & brilliance, surface finishes, ease of thermo-forming, meeting technical & design requirements of lighting engineers & illuminated advertising/POP signage, lighting manufacturers & architects.

Due to the manufacturing process, GreenTick acrylics contain no plasticizers, heavy metal salts or halogens, & no levels of chlorine. GreenTick™ acrylic basic chemical structures contain no nitrogen compounds or bisphenol A. GreenTick™ acrylic will normally emit no toxic or cancerogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, even in the application of above the service & distortion temperature (approx. one hundred degrees Celsius). Due to the chemical chain structure, GreenTick™ acrylic does not react with water & can be safely used in aquatic applications.

GreenTick acrylic solid sheets are extremely resistant to standard mechanical methods during installation & in application. GreenTick™ acrylic sheets offer eleven times the impact strength of conventional domestic glass.

Standard Product Range:


2.0 – 30.0mm (0.079” 5/64” – 1.18” 1 3/16”) (Other thickness available on request)

Sheet Dimensions:

1830 x 1220mm (6’ x 4”)
2440mm x 1220 (8’x4’)
2490mm x 1830mm (8’ x 6’)
3020mm x 2020mm (9' 10  7 / 8 " x 6' 7  1 / 2 ")
3050mm x 2050mm (10'  1 / 16 " x 6' 8  11 / 16 ")

Protective Masking:

Pressure Sensitive Paper – (Printed Paper 1 side) or (Plain Paper 2 sides).
PE Masking - (Transparent Green/Clear) or (Clear/Clear) satin surface finish.

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Mechanical engineers, construction co., transport producers & POP / exhibition displays, are all required to meet rising sustainability demands. Protective equipment has to offer durability, safety & security, whilst also providing an appearance that harmonizes with the application.

GreenTick™ Acrylic

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