DONCHAMP ®️ NoiseGuard

Integrated Solutions – Acoustic Barriers

DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard cast acrylic is a specially designed & developed acrylic grade, which is highly weather resistant (30-year Clear limited manufacturer’s warranty), excellent clarity & optical properties, exceptional mechanical properties & rigidity, simple to fabricate (cut, bend & polish), whilst reducing the environmental noise pollution levels & hazardous high winds from roads, highways, bridges & rails.

DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard is the perfect solution for noise/acoustic barrier applications:


Strength / mechanical properties.
• Easy to clean & maintain.
• Superior optical properties.
• Excellent noise reflection values.
• High rigidity.
• Dimensionally stability.
• Exceptional UV stability (manufacturers guarantees available).
• Light weight.

The combination of both the functional and visual attractions, makes DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard panels an excellent choice for acoustic / wind barrier applications on highways, bridges, and railways. The transparency of the panels opens the landscape for the road/rail user, whilst offering sound control and protection to the public (both residents and road users). The transporting of DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard panels is simple in having approx. eleven times the break resistance of glass & a lower weight. Any light surface marks on DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard can be polished & marks removed.


Specially formulated, with filament protection embedment.
• Shatter resistant with the addition of our IP developed filament embedment.
• Fragment shard retention system further enabling safety for the travelling public.
• Built-in visible lines to protect bird strikes, ensuring the safety of the native birdlife.
• 30 Year clear manufacturer’s limited UV warranty against yellowing & discoloration.
• Certified by MFPA Leipzig to European standard (EN1793, EN 1794) & ZTV-LSW 06.
• Excellent light transmission & optical clarity.
• Superior finish (no manufacturing lines, distortions, refractions & inclusions).
• Easy to shape/thermoform into cosmetically pleasing curves.
• High surface hardness (as opposed to other plastic polymers)
• Approx. eleven times more break resistant than glass. Light weight (approx. half the weight of glass).
• 100% recyclable product.
• Available in a range of contemporary design colours.
• Easily polish out light surface marks (manufacturers suggestions available).
• Unique & excellent safety benefits for high traffic & high wind areas.


Grades available:
DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard (Gloss surface finish)
▪ DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard FSR (Filament Shard Retention)
▪ DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard Velvet (Satin finish 1 or 2 sides)
▪ DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard ST (Solid/low transparency gloss/satin finish)

Colour Availability:
Clear / transparent - tints / translucent & opaque colours.

Filament Colours:
Black, Clear/Natural

Current Surface Finish:
• Velvet satin finishes

Std. Dimensions/panel sizes:
• 2070mm x 1970mm 3020mm x 2020mm
• 2470mm x 1640mm 4020mm x 2020mm
• 2520mm x 2020mm 5070mm x 2070mm
• 2820mm x 1870mm 4070mm x 2320mm

Standard thicknesses:
12.0mm, 15.0mm, 18.0mm, 20.0mm and 25.0mm

• Pressure Sensitive PE film

DONCHAMP®️ NoiseGuard

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