DONCHAMP® Cast Acrylic Sheet

Flame Polishing Suggested Procedure

Work environment Area: Well ventilated, no flammable and explosive materials within 2 meters.

1. Remove the protective film of the panel.
2. Fix the panel vertically.
3. Blow the DONCHAMP® panel clean with an air gun.
4. Scrap the area of the edge to be polished with an industrial knife.
5. Turn on the flame polishing machine, adjusting the flame to the bluish, white colour.
6. Flame length of 25-30mm.
7. Use the bluish white flame end to flame polish the edge cut surface, as shown in the diagram.
8. The suggested flame pass speed is:
▶︎ Thickness: ≤4mm,20±2mm/s
▶︎ Thickness>4mm,15±2mm/s

▶︎ Before operating, please check the levels of distilled water & gas.
▶︎ The electrolyte & filter need to be replaced every 5 years.