DONCHAMP ®️ Colored Cast Acrylic 10 year Warranty (International)

DONCHAMP® Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet

10 years UV Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

DONCHAMP guarantees that DONCHAMP® colored cast acrylic sheet for exterior applications will comply with the performance specifications listed by DONCHAMP in the information below for a period of ten years, subject to the following conditions:

  • The warranty period of ten years commences from the date of delivery of the DONCHAMP® colored product to the end customer relating to the warranty.

  • The warranty relates to the UV transmission of the sheet as delivered and in particular:

  • The sheet must be appropriately stored and transported prior to fabrication and installation (Manufacturer’s suggestions are available on request).
  • An acceptable standard of workmanship (according to DONCHAMP’s suggestions) shall be used in fabrication and installation and DONCHAMP will not be liable for any failure attributable to any breach of these standards.
  • The warranty does not cover any failure attributable to causes not associated with the normal & suggested use of DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet, it does not apply to harm& deterioration caused by the incorrect use of chemical agents, cleaning fluids, unsuitable sealants, or decorative materials.

  • DONCHAMP must be provided immediate advice of any potential claim. Enough evidence of any potential claim must be provided to DONCHAMP and including any of those authorized by DONCHAMP must be allowed adequate facilities to substantiate any potential claim.
  • If any DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet does not meet with DONCHAMP's satisfaction, as to not complying with the manufacturer’s performance specifications, within the 10-year stipulated period, DONCHAMP will replace the deemed non-compliant sheet on an ex works basis, with an equivalent quantity of DONCHAMP® acrylics sheet. DONCHAMP shall under no circumstances be responsible for any other damage or loss howsoever arising whether directly or indirectly.
  • DONCHAMP provides no warranty or guarantee, or any statement implied statement/advice in relation to DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet, apart from the guarantee given herein.
  • This warranty and all the terms thereof shall apply to all deliveries of DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet supplied by DONCHAMP until the guarantee is revoked by either of the parties.

  • Revocation may be provided by either party serving on the other notice in writing to that effect at any time.
  • Revocation shall not affect deliveries of DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet made prior to the date of revocation, which shall continue to be full terms of this guarantee.
  • If the customer shall bring any claim under this warranty, it shall produce documentary evidence to DONCHAMP’s satisfaction that the sheet in question is without any possible doubt DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet produced only by DONCHAMP.


    • The claimant must present the commercial invoice/ proof of purchase from the seller listing the name and address of the user, date of purchase, full product type/name and the product quantity so purchased,


    • DONCHAMP must within a reasonable period, be permitted to inspect the claimed defect and its potential causes on site, or to have an appointed third party to inspect on DONCHAMP’s behalf.


    • This warranty document relates to external applications which are further processed/fabricated from DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet.


      1. APPENDIX


      Outdoor ageing weathering behaviour of DONCHAMP® cast acrylic sheet for external applications:

      During the Warranty Period the modulus of elasticity of the Product will not reduce by more than 30% from the value recorded at the time of manufacture. (ref. DONCHAMP® Technical Properties).

      During the Warranty Period the flexural strength of the Product will not reduce by more than 30% from the value recorded at the time of manufacture. (ref. DONCHAMP® Technical Properties).




      During a ten-year outdoor exposure period all colored DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet surfaces can be expected to exhibit at least some degree of change. DONCHAMP warranty is that any changes in color of the DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet will be small in significance relating to the exposed DONCHAMP® acrylic.


      3. ANALYSIS


      Any warranty specified values will be determined by using cleaned specimen samples. For finished complex structures, the measured values are determined on flat samples only, otherwise the DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet values cannot be determined to the required level. 




      All warranty claims shall exclusively be determined and governed by the version of this warranty statement valid on the date of purchase of the DONCHAMP® acrylic sheet being claimed. All warranty claims disputes shall be exclusively resolved according to the governing laws of The Peoples Republic of China, as being applicable on the date of purchase of the goods in question, without giving effect to conflict of laws principles. This warranty does not affect or restrict any rights or claims specifically available to consumers under the applicable law. The exclusive place of authority for any rights or claims from this warranty shall be Taixing, Peoples Republic of China.


      DONCHAMP® is a registered Trademarks owned by the DONCHAMP ACRYLIC GROUP.