DONCHAMP® Lucent – Edge Lighting

Integrated LED Solutions – illuminating with innovation.

When incorporating the new DONCHAMP® Lucent acrylic products, bulky illuminated sign boxes & feature lighting is an issue of the past. With the further advancements of LED lighting, this has inspired & enabled the development of the new grades of DONCHAMP® Lucent acrylic, which compliments the performance of backlit LED lighting, offering a unique solution. The DONCHAMP® Lucent range offers superior illumination performance, allowing sign, display manufacturers & designers, greater benefits & advantages in incorporating LED lighting, enabling slim line design options which are highly energy efficient, cosmetically appealing & cost effective.

Advantages DONCHAMP® Lucent (0000DM & 0000LS) Edge Lighting:

Excellent edge light performance grades available, with an extremely high level of lux.
Two edge light options – laser etched or light dispersing pigmentation.
Optimum LED edge light illumination.
Long product life: 30-year UV guarantee on Clear.
Good surface hardness (opposed to other plastic polymers).
Low maintenance, energy efficient, no pin spotting/hot spots.
Polish the illuminated edges, preferably buffed or diamond polished. Laser polished & or flame polished can create a low level of refraction.
Seal all non-illuminated edges with a reflective silver or white tape, to capture the internal panel light.
Use a white backing substrate on the laser etched side, to reflect the light.


Special features:
No requirement for further processing (printing or laser/router etching, ready & easy to use.

Signage, feature screen / partitions, machine components, feature walls, lighting, shelves, displays POP, exit signs etc.

DONCHAMP® Lucent (0000LS) Edge Lighting:

DONCHAMP® Lucent (0000LS) is a cast acrylic panel utilising IP in the development of a transparent panel for edge-lit lighting, signage & display applications. DONCHAMP® Lucent (0000LS) has a high transparent appearance, in further offering a uniform & clear distribution of light when edge illuminated.


Color rendering index (CRI): >80%
Uniformity of brightness: >80%
Light output efficiency: >75%
Raw material: 100% virgin Mitsubishi MMA monomer
Maxim lighting width: 1800mm
Life span: >8 years

LGPA (for advertising display) - Illumination width (Two sides edge illuminated)
Light Span / Thickness
0 - 900mm / 3 - 4mm
900 -1200mm / 6mm
1200 -1500mm / 8mm
1500 -1800mm / 10mm

LGPL (for LED panel lighting)
Lighting width / Model
0-300mm / LGPL-1 300-600mm / LGPL-2

DONCHAMP®️ Lucent – Edge Lighting

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