Daejon (South Korea) Aquarium project

DONCHAMP ® Splash – case reference

DONCHAMP® Splash acrylic block aquatic viewing panels:

Spread over 6,362 square meters in the Shinsegae owned Daejeon Expo Science Complex, the Daejeon Aquarium has been designed to be a major attraction for Daejeon. Occupying two floors, with the entrance from the ground level to the exhibit level, transiting through the aquarium.

Daejeon Aquarium’s seven different thematic zones offer an experience from rainforest to river delta to the abyssal depths. With differing environments replicated, visitors can be transported between the likes of the Amazon rainforest, Mekong Delta, Korean coast, kelp forest, & deep ocean.

A 94-meter-long underwater tunnel with panoramic views offers a fully immersive experience as visitors’ journey through the predator zone, into the kelp forest, and finally into the pelagic zone.

Featuring the world first predator tank, visitors are offered a 360° view of the world’s predator species such as trevally, snapper, yellowtail kingfish, giant grouper, bronze whaler sharks, hammerhead sharks, sunfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, pilot fish, remoras, giant barracuda, moonfish and batfish.

Daejeon Aquarium will serve as an important learning centre for the study of marine life and biology with aquaculture rehabilitation, coral reef research, and a coastal ecology development program.


Total building area:

94 metres

Tunnel length:


Volume of panorama tank:


Volume of main tank:

The DONCHAMP Acrylic Group had great pleasure in supplying the aquatic glazing panels, cylinders & tunnels in the Daejeon Expo Aquarium in South Korea. DONCHAMP capabilities range from supply of DONCHAMP® Splash panels, thermoforming of curved panels, bonding (inhouse & onsite), fabrication & installation.   DONCHAMP was chosen as a supplier partner to Marinescape Limited, due to our:

▶︎ DONCHAMP® Splash optical quality
▶︎ UV warranty (30 years)
▶︎ PVHO-1 2019 accreditation by DNV-GL
▶︎ Production capabilities in dimensions & capacity
▶︎ Price competitiveness
▶︎ Fabrication capabilities
▶︎ Customer service & support
▶︎ Logistic support

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DONCHAMP® Splash has specially developed characteristics to enhance the performance in fabrication, enabling enhanced, cosmetic & mechanical results. DONCHAMP has the largest single global production capacity for acrylic block, located in Taixing, China. Thicknesses 30.0mm- 750mm, where thicker panels are a definite option. Largest monolithic (unbonded) cast acrylic panel dimensions “9300mm x 3000mm”. Extensive technical/engineering support with over 30 years of DONCHAMP® Splash acrylic block fabrication & installation. Very high mechanical bonds / lamination process, with an excellent cosmetic appearance. Concept, technical design is all within our inhouse engineering capabilities. DONCHAMP’s deflection criteria is designed to exhibit no visible deflection, design life of 25- 30 years. DONCHAMP have in-house & on-site bonding capabilities (30 installers globally). The DONCHAMP® Splash developed polymerization process creates a superior surface for bonding, producing optimum mechanical strength. DONCHAMP® Splash has less than 1% residual (uncured) monomer, where residual monomer has low resistance to UV degradation.
Our in-house thermoforming & annealing capabilities, enable our DONCHAMP® Splash acrylic panel to be a superior option in aquatic glazing applications.
As DONCHAMP® is the DONCHAMP ACRYLIC GROUP No. 186, Tongjiang Road, Economic Development Zone, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China 225400
TEL: 0086-523-8767-6689, Fax: 0086-523-8796-8846
long-established Asian leader, our offers are highly economical, coupled with an excellent stock availability & well-regarded fabrication, where DONCHAMP® Splash is the choice in aquatic / water retention viewing windows.
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